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Setting up a Respite Care Centre in the Steel Township area near the St. Paul’s Road School Campus.

Setting up a Residential Place/HOME for persons with special needs at Bidhan Nagar, Durgapur. The HOME will have facilities of Clinical Services, Therapeutic Units, Vocational Units, Health Care Unit, Play Care Units and other needed services. Both the above Projects are being taken up in active association of Parents of HOPE, Durgapur, a Parents Organization.


Setting up a Respite Care Centre in the Steel Township area near thSince August 1992, the Center has been receiving Grant-in-Aid from the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. This covers a considerable portion of the recurring expenses. Revenues earned from the sale of greeting cards, candles, handloom products and other items of household use (made by HOPE’s Students and Trainees) cover the shortfall to some extent. To meet the deficit, HOPE depends largely on monetary contributions from Charity Organizations, Corporate bodies and Individual donations.

Fund constraints caused many limitations in the development of HOPE. Inadequate and delayed release of grants by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi is a major cause of concern as there is always a short fall of 30%-40% in the grant received and it is delayed by many months. The payment of Honorarium to teachers and staff becomes very irregular due to this and thereby causing great hardship for them and in turn affects their morale. Dearth of funds also affected and delayed some of the essential development activities such as.

  1. Setting up of Extension Centers for providing Special Education and Treaining to the differently able among the peripheral rural population.
  2. Setting up of the following essential facilities
    Conference/Meeting room.
    Vocational units.
    Extension of working area with increase in the number of students.
    Renovation/Modernization of Therapy units.
    Nutritional and Health Care Support for the poor students.
    Respite Care Center.
    CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) in the Villages
    Home Based Programmes.
    Out Reach Programmes through Extension Centres.
    Inclusive Education Efforts.

To overcome Persistent fund problems “HOPE’s Corporate Development Fund” has been created with a targeted Corpus fund of Rs.100 Lakhs.e St. Paul’s Road School Campus.

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